Luna 01 110705 125306 001

  • F1: Targets yourself
  • F2 and up: Targets party menber (F2: 2nd member, F3: 3rd,etc..)
  • ~: Changes action bar up to the next lvl (loops after 4)
  • 1-0: Uses skill or item currently alloted in action bar slots
  • Tab: Targets closest monster
  • W: Opens world map
  • T: Opens Tutorial menu
  • O: opens Options menu
  • CTRL plus 1-0: Uses skill or item currently alloted in extra action bar slots
  • ALT: When held down allows you so split stacked items (hold ALT than drag item to be split to an empty slot)
  • Home:Opens chat room
  • M: Opens area map
  • CTRL plus Z:Hides interface

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